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The Doctor Game

W.Gifford-Jones, M.D.
published 1975, McClelland & Stewart

A common sense guide that unravels the rules and deflates the myths of the modern medical maze, The Doctor Game may be the most important book you’re going to read this year – and perhaps in your entire life … because The Doctor Game is a game of life and death and these eighty-six rules can help you win it.

A Canadian doctor whose wholesome, levelheaded, reassuring straight talk made his On Being A Woman an international bestseller in several translations, W. Gifford-Jones (a pseudonym) knows how you can find the best doctor in your area, how to tell a good (or bad) doctor, how to avoid unnecessary surgery, how to be a good patient and how to make the best – and avoid the worst – of the doctor you choose. Written in layman’s language, The Doctor Game is full of solid, practical advice on surgery, on talking sex with your doctor, on getting the truth from your doctor, on fads and phobias, x-rays, cancer and virtually every medical concern.

An easy-reading, earnest style, candid comments on the most controversial medical issues of today and tomorrow, illustrative case histories, tips, taboos and plain humanity make this a pleasantly fascinating book, an engaging, necessary companion for anyone who ever sees, or expects to see, the inside of a consulting room.

The Doctor Game