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Hysterectomy? – A Book for the Patient

W. Gifford-Jones, M.D.
published 1961, University of Toronto

This simply written book is designed to give information and therefore comfort, to the large number of women who need to have the operation described. It is written for the patient herself, not for the medical profession. The author intends his book to provide facts for those who require a hysterectomy, rather than the guesses of well-wishing but uninformed acquaintances. Indeed, the book may well be of use also to those members of the patient’s family with a sympathetic interest in knowing more of what the operation involves.

Starting with an explanation of the organs, their functions, and the nature of the operation, the author describes what are the commonest causes of pelvic trouble and why the operation is often necessary. The last part of the book is concerned with cancer, and explains the nature of this disease as it affects the various pelvic organs, the warning signs, and the action that must be taken.

This book will be a source of great comfort to women who are faced with the probability of this operation, for it outlines in the clearest possible terms all that is involved. It is written with great simplicity, directness, and sympathy.

Hysterectomy? - A Book for the Patient