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On Being A Woman – The Modern Woman’s Guide to Gynecology

W. Gifford-Jones, M.D.
published 1969, Book of the Month Club selection (Canada and U.S.)

Here is the book that all intelligent modern women have been waiting for – a basic bible of the hows, whys and wherefores of the feminine condition. This easy-to-read guide to gynecology covers every aspect of the functioning of a woman’s body, from the cradle to the grave. It explains exactly how the female anatomy works. It discusses everything from the most common female diseases, their symptoms and their treatment, to sex, marriage and birth-control. There is even a chapter on personal hygiene which describes a brand new method of douching.

Dr. Gifford-Jones says that the book’s main purpose is “to remove fear of the unknown” … to tell women what is and, equally important what isn’t. It is a book designed to silence the uninformed and dangerous gossip which spreads through “old wives’ tales”, to give sensible answers to foolish questions, and to bring women up to date on the marvelous things that are happening in the world of contemporary medicine. Dr. Gifford-Jones is a down-to-earth, lucid writer, who knows how to put scientific fact into lively, every-day language. His witty and spirited style is further enhanced by a number of delightful drawings, and by the informal but excellent medical diagrams which appear in the book.

This is a book no modern woman can afford to be without, whether she is a teenager or grandmother, housewife or career girl. It is as essential to her well-being as her sense of her own femininity.

On Being A Woman - The Modern Woman's Guide to Gynecology