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Fighting Osteoarthritis of the knee

In the journal Arthritis Care and Research, 1,800 people were studied who were at risk of developing arthritis of the knee. The result? Those who took 6,000 steps (about 3 miles) daily were less likely to develop knee problems, difficulty getting out of a chair, using stairs or doing household chores. The researchers suggested starting out with 3,000 steps and gradually increasing the amount. Previous studies have recommended 10,000 steps daily. But a lesser number of steps can still be healthful.

The Ostrich Approach

Several studies show that 50 percent of North Americans do not have a Will stating who will benefit from their estate on their death. This means the government will receive more money than it would otherwise receive. Not a prudent move.

Equally strange, many people have no Living Will to state how they prefer to end their lives. Again a poor decision if they face an agonizing death.

I’m not an investment counsellor so I cannot rectify the first error. But I can help with the last problem. The Gifford-Jones Living Will with Advanced Directive can be obtained by sending $10.00 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Gifford-Jones, 65 Harbour Square, Suite 1110, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2L4

Remember the best surprise is no surprise with both money and death.