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The Flu Shot : Questions from Readers

A recent sponsored page in a major newspaper stressed the need for high dose flu shots. Since I’ve reported I don’t use this protection, many readers wonder why.

The simple answer is that flu shots, although normally safe, are on rare occasions associated with minor or serious complications. So, why take the risk? Years ago I decided to rely on high daily doses of Medi-C Plus (available in Health Food Stores) to fight the flu. This daily use maintains a high blood level of C in the circulation. If flu strikes, immune cells can quickly withdraw C from this reservoir. They will then contain 100 X more C to fight an infection than is present in the blood.

Studies show most people, particularly those with diabetes, arthritis, gastritis or under stress have low amounts of C in the blood. This can fall as low as 10 percent! So if flu strikes immune cells have insufficient amounts of C to combat the infection.

However, I’ve never advised readers to say “NO” to the flu shot, as influenza can kill. This decision must be made by you and your doctor.